For 35 years, S I Communications has produced award-winning programs about African American lifestyle and culture that entertain and inform your listening audiences. We utilize stellar talent, great writers, original theme compostion, and chart-topping black music to keep the spirit of our national heroes alive and honor their memory and achievements.

A note from the President

S I Communications is now in its 34th year of producing great radio programs that entertain and inform. The Radio world has changed drastically since 1980 when we sent our programs to you on analogue tape. Now, everything is digital. This includes the requirements of our advertisers. Most now want a digital component to their media buys.

S I has always prided itself in staying ahead of the curve in radio. We pioneered several forms of programs that you embraced. Programs like King: A Musical Tribute, Story of A People, and the Music Of Black America. The paradigm has changed and we must all change with it.

For January and February of 2015, we will be airing our award-winning King: A Musical Tribute in January, and our Black Heritage Collection vignettes: Black Men: A Legacy of Achievement Black Women: A Portrait of Dignity, and Black History Notes.

For 2015, S I will be offering a new series of contemporary lifestyle programs. These programs will touch on many of the day to day issues that your audiences will face. We will provide answers from our expert hosts, and encourage your listening audience to participate in our digital promotions. Your station will be in on the action because these interactive promotions will include your station as well as the local and national sponsors.

Thank you for your 35 years of support.

Bob Dockery, Jr.
S I Communications. Inc.

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